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That’s where we come in. We help the average investor who does not have time to research and invest in real estate on their own by providing a professional and systematic way to invest without all of the hassle. We offer streamlined services and excellent customer service to ensure your investment experience is stress free. Our mission is to provide easy access to the average investor who is interested in investing in real estate but does not have the time or expertise.

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Our Expertise
We provide all the expertise of investing in real estate with none of the headaches.

Grow Wealth
Get the ability to structure a real estate portfolio and exponentially grow by using leverage.

Max Income
We have the ability to provide maximum income to retirees with the benefit of a tangible asset. No more roller coaster rides!

Build a Legacy
Your legacy can provide ongoing income and tax benefits to future generations for years.
Choose an investment asset that provides diversification outside of the stock market.
Achieve Wealth
The ability to participate in the American dream and to achieve real wealth within a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How does this work?
MRER provides consulting services to provide due diligence, negotiation and management of residential rental properties. We take the pain out of real estate investing by doing all of the work for you so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your retirement.

Are there any hidden fees?
No. All fees are disclosed upfront so that you feel comfortable before moving forward. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 10 days from the effective date of your agreement. Our goal is to make you a lifelong client.

What kind of results can I expect?
Investment into real estate may achieve double digits annual average rates of return. You can also  maximize your return by using leverage. We don’t just show you how, we do it for you.i

Where do you operate?
MRER is based in Fort Worth, Texas. We are currently purchasing homes in the DFW area.

What are the risks?
As with any investment, there are risks that you need to be aware of. Our job is to minimize your risk and maximize your return. If you do not understand the risk, please reach out to us for a better explanation. Please read our Disclosures page for more information


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