Real Estate: The Smarter Retirement Plan

Are you looking for something more than just the same old stock portfolio for retirement? Would you like to put your retirement plan into overdrive? Well then welcome to My Real Estate Retirement, LLC. We specialize in helping you retire successfully by building and managing your residential real estate portfolio so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your retirement. Real estate investing has never been so easy!

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Why invest with My Real Estate Retirement?

We are a real estate investment firm focusing on building and managing real estate portfolios for investors who want to diversify their retirement portfolio into residential rental properties. Our clients own the properties and therefore directly benefit from leveraging and the tax benefits while our firm manages all aspects of the buying, selling and management process. So, why choose us? Here are a few of the benefits we add to your investment experience:

Expert Investors

We provide all of the expertise of investing in real estate with none of the headaches. 

Grow Your Wealth

Get the ability to structure a real estate portfolio and exponentially grow wealth by using leverage.

Maximize Income

We have the ability to provide maximum income to retirees with the benefit of a tangible asset.

Build A Legacy

Your legacy can provide ongoing income and tax benefits to future generations for years.

Diversify Assets

Choose an investment asset that provides diversification outside of the stock market.

Achieve Success

The ability to participate in the American dream and to achieve real wealth within a lifetime.

Ready to expand your portfolio into Real Estate Investing while taking advantage of exclusive tax deductions?

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We help the average investor who does not have time to research and invest in real estate on their own by leveraging expertise in the rental property space as well as for our streamlined services and excellent customer service. Our mission is to provide access to the average investor who normally would not invest in real estate because of lack of time and knowledge.​

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